Tips for Playing Golf on a Budget

Lovers of golf know that there are all kinds of courses where they can play the game. They can play on a private or public course. It boils down to one’s budget and perhaps how often one plays the sport. Regardless of finances, players can benefit from gaining a few tips on how to play golf on a budget.

Save Your Golf Grips / Regrip Your Own Golf Clubs

If you change your golf grips regularly, do not throw them away. If you simply want a new look and the old grips are not worn out, there is no harm in keeping them. As far as regripping your golf clubs, it is an easy process. It also will add up in terms of how much money you can save. You will save $1-2 by not getting them regripped at a store. You will also save on the cost of transportation that you would take to and from the store.

Build Your Own Golf Clubs

Once upon a time, it was standard for golfers to make their own clubs. Given the rise of technology, society strayed away from that practice. Still, building your own clubs today significantly differs from the 16th century. For starters, you will purchase all of the parts separately from the others. The parts you will buy include the grips, shafts, tip weights, clubheads, ferrules, and butt weights. Once you purchase these parts, you can put them together. Ultimately, you will save a lot of money by purchasing the individual parts.

Free Statistic Trackers

Any competitive golfer knows the importance of tracking one’s statistics. By doing so, you learn where you can improve your game. You can also use a tracker to identify your game strengths. Still, there are pitfalls when you use a tracker. For one, you pay a hefty, monthly fee to get your statistics. You also need to keep your phone on the golf course with you, which is noticeable and a likely distraction. Furthermore, you may find trackers hard to use and far from intuitive. You can pursue other avenues for the same results. Other golfers create their own tracking programs for free, general use. Do your research and see what works best for you.

Many may perceive golf as a “rich man’s game”, but it does not need to be unattainable. It is, in large part, a matter of knowing how to economize.